Artwork in a corporate office is a great way to add culture and personality to a workspace. In fact, vibrant colors and interesting art were both top trends in corporate offices in 2019.  Research shows that a well-designed workspace can boost employee satisfaction and well-being. This includes areas for collaboration, relaxation, and physical activity. Well-placed artwork can create the appropriate atmosphere for each of these areas, and help distinguish them from each other in an open office setting. Incorporating company branding and colors in the art can also create a cohesive sense of identity in the office that helps employees feel more connected to each other and their work.

Benefits of Art in the Office

A study on employee happiness shows that 94% of employees said that art made the workplace better. Having an aesthetically-beautiful workplace also shows employees that the company they work for values their health and happiness in addition to their individual contributions. Art can also serve a more practical purpose: in large open-plan office spaces with repetitive plans, art can help employees find their way around. For example, in a block of conference rooms, each room can be defined by unique signage, murals, or colors that help employees differentiate each room from the rest. Overall, art gives an office personality and inspires and motivates employees.

Choosing the Right Artwork

Decorating an office can be a daunting task. With hundreds of pieces in a variety of styles to choose from, it can be hard to come up with an authentic and cohesive art scheme that supports the values of the company and needs of employees. Here are three tips that can help create the perfect office space.

  • Use the story of the company or brand as the basis for the design concept. A brand that began in Los Angeles can use motifs like palm trees and street names that evoke that city, and show where the company comes from. Clothing companies can incorporate fabrics and buttons into custom art that reflects the product.
  • Represent the company values through art. Many art pieces can use subtle messaging to promote ideas. A law firm may promote justice and fairness through pieces that balance light and dark. A brand that focuses on sustainability can bring green elements into office decor through moss walls or nature-inspired artwork. This can include art inspired by sustainable technologies like solar panels and wind farms. If there is a particular cause that the company believes in, that can also be a great theme to incorporate into office artwork.
  • Create a mood. Colors have long been known to affect how people feel and work. Vibrant colors can add energy and motivate employees, while calmer colors can create a relaxed atmosphere. Incorporate appropriate color schemes into art pieces that best suit the mood in various areas of the office.

Installing Art

Once you've chosen the pieces that best represent the company and the feel of the office, you'll need proper installation to prevent damage to the walls and to the art itself. For pictures and frames that will be mounted directly on walls, hanging cables attached to picture rails are an easy solution that can hold a lot of weight and are inconspicuous. You can also use hanging cables with ceiling-mounted rail systems to hang sculptures and other unique pieces. These have quick attachment and detachment processes that make it simple to redesign an area by moving pieces around when needed. Corporate offices may also require space and equipment for hanging posters promoting company events, product launches, and more. Simple poster-hanging systems can help keep posters looking flat and professional with easy setup and takedown.

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