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July 2016

  1. Acrylic Pocket Displays Are Fine Presentation Solution for Real Estate Offices

    The real estate market is still booming in many cities across our great nation, and whether you are trying to rent, lease or sell, there's plenty of properties to get out in front of would-be buyers. Real estate agents know the power of the brick and mortar shop in contrast to the less inviting website, or the rather small and...
  2. Art for Art's Sake:Non-Damaging Art Installations

    Congratulations! You've just chosen several great pieces of art for your new small business. It's a big step, but you're happy with the sizes, design, framework, and hey, the price is right too. It all speaks to you, and about you to your customers. It says you care about your work. You are a professional. Next step is the installation. But wait! What were you...
  3. How do Acrylic Pockets Work for Art Display?

    Acrylic pocket displays are a great way to show off art, but are you unsure about how they work?  Here we'll give you an explanation of what they are, how they work, and what they can hold. What They Are An acrylic pocket display system is a system has two components.   Acrylic Pocket--You will need acrylic art pockets, which you can...
  4. Renters: Why You Should Look Into Picture Hanging Systems for Your Art

    If you rent, you know just how sterile and un-homelike an apartment or rental home can feel. Dressing up your space with your favorite pictures and paintings can be a great way to make your rental feel like home, but if you're using nails to hang up your art, it's time to make a change. Picture hanging systems that use cables and...

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