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March 2020

  1. Museum Rod System Options

    If you're looking for a system for hanging art at a museum, there are some options available that will allow you to do just this. Here are some options you can use for your museum rod system to hang what you want where you want. Acrylic Card Holder In addition to holding whatever else you want at your museum, the...
  2. Creating a Photo Display Based on Photo Type, Theme and Size

    Whether you're displaying photos at home, in a gallery, in a museum or in your display window, it's very important to use your creativity and create an eye-catching display. The quality of the photos matters as much as the way in which they are grouped together, the lighting, the height of the photos, the distance between them etc. Plus, you...
  3. Enhance Your Museum Hanging System with the Right Lighting and Background Colors

    At a museum, it's very important to create the right ambience for your visitors to enjoy the art they've come to see. This is why different museums have come up with different experiences for their visitors. Certain museums arrange their displays according to the time period when the art originated. Others, like the Guggenheim, create a seamless display in which...
  4. Create Complementary Displays Using a Gallery Rail System

    When you're hanging pictures in a gallery, it's important to do so in a way that allows the viewer to take each picture in completely, whether it's a photo or a painting. If possible, you want to leave a few feet of space around each picture so that when the viewer is standing in front of it, they're not distracted...

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