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June 2018

  1. Two Things That Should Always Be in Your Store's Windows

    Attracting customers who are passing by can be hard to do. There are a lot of distractions outside, people are looking at their phones more than displays, and your store has to compete with nearby businesses. But attractive window displays and attention-getting graphics are one of the only ways to secure new business to your physical store. Here are two...
  2. Three Problems with Traditional Art Hanging Tools

    Hanging photographs in your home is a great way to personalize the space. But if you have an iron-clad lease around your rental home or apartment, the potential loss of your deposit might make you think twice about making the space your own. There's a good reason for that concern. Even the most conscientious inhabitants can damage the walls and...
  3. 5 Art Hanging Systems That Makes Any Home Stunning

    How often do you think about what really completes a living room or office? Some would assume it's the big details like a couch or desk, but here's the truth- it's the small ones that truly count. We have the perfect art hanging systems to complete those "little details" that really matter in a home, office, or museum. 1) Ball...
  4. Sign and Banner Supports and Making a Business Visible

    Some businesses won't use banners and signs as often anymore, because they might think that they aren't necessary in a world where people have GPS devices. They might assume that people will already be able to locate the business building easily enough, and a banner or sign would just be superfluous. It should be noted that when people completely rely...

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