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April 2020

  1. Give Your Brain the Novelty It Craves by Using an Art Hanging System

    There are many places where an art hanging system can be used—a museum, a gallery, a display window etc. But the most basic use of an art hanging system is in a person's home. This is where you have the leisure time needed to enjoy art the most. Where Can You Hang Art in Your Home? It might be on...
  2. Hanging Art With A Damage-Free Art Hanging System

    Hanging any type of artwork can be one of the missing pieces to bringing an appeal to an office, gallery, home, etc. It can also be the missing link to making any space feel welcoming. However, many people have discovered that hanging art is not always an easy task because of the chances of making multiple holes in the wall...
  3. Hang Geometric and Organic Shapes with a Gallery Hanging System

    Different types of artwork need to be hung in different ways. Every time you change the display in your gallery, you might need to use your gallery hanging system in different ways. The rails and hooks might remain the same, but you might extend or shorten the length of the cables that hold up the artwork. You can also remove...

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