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March 2017

  1. Show Your Creative Side With An Art Hanging System

    If you are considering installing an art hanging system at a museum, workplace, school, gallery, etc., you are probably motivated by the convenience that an art hanging system can give you, as well as the ability to hang these systems without having to worry about future wall maintenance and wall repairs. Many people who are new to hanging artwork in...
  2. Create A Durable And Flexible Display System By Using Acrylic

    As a retail store owner, do you understand how important the fixtures in your store are? While it is important that your store fixtures are durable and flexible, it is also important that you make sure your store fixtures have a certain style about them. You may want something that does not require you to do an extensive amount of...
  3. Invisible Functionality of Museum Hardware

    You walk into the museum gallery with eager anticipation of seeing your favorite Renaissance painting "face to face".  The parameter of the room is dark. The paintings line the walls with individual spot lighting that illuminates their depth and beauty. The painting beckons you and feel the intense emotion of the art and the artist. You do not notice how the painting...
  4. Could Your Office Use Display Systems?

        You and your co-workers spend a lot of time in your office. You will notice how information is displayed there, and it will affect the work environment. Museum-quality display systems, such as poster hangers, may be what you need to get the most out of your office space.    Practically every break room has a poster or two...
  5. Weighing your Options with Cable Hanging Systems

    Your pictures are ready to be mounted. You've decided that you love the idea of a cable hanging system because it gives a subtler presentation than our metal rods, and because, with ceiling mounted rails, cables enable your dream of creating that perfect "floating" look for your installation - especially if you use nylon cables! But then you pause and start to worry you might...

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