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March 2018

  1. What If You Just Want One Perfectly Straight, Evenly Spaced Column?

    When you're creating a minimalist display, every detail matters. There's no covering up mistakes or adding extra touches for a homey, cluttered look. There are two potential solutions and, like with every project when something might go wrong, using both gets you the best results. Create a pattern and tape it to your wall. This is an art display version...
  2. Make Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop a Community Hangout

    Maybe it's a bit of a cliche, but hanging local artwork in your coffee shop is good for business. Not only does it bring in the business of the artists themselves, it's a queue for the community. Here's how to get the most good out of hanging local art and displays. Make sure you have room for everyone's displays. Don't...
  3. Use Photo Display Systems as Quick Fixes for Ugly Flips

    Flipping homes means tangling with a lot of tricky problems. Whether you look for the easier homes that need a cosmetic work and upgrades or you rake in the profits with the foundationally unsteady homes that no one else has the experience to touch, sometimes the houses are just ugly. Here's how pre-installing photo displays can change that. Draw positive...
  4. Top Two Tips to Keep in Mind When Planning an Art Display

    If you're planning your display instead of designing it on the fly, you're already off to a great start. Organizing your display as you go will just lead to extra work, extra holes in your wall, or a finished display you don't like as much as you thought you would. Here are a few tips so you only need to...

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