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April 2019

  1. Ceiling Mounted VS Wall Mounted: Which Is Right For Your Office?

         Every office could use some art hanging around. It impresses clients and cheers up employees. However, you can't leave these pieces just sitting on the floor. They have to be mounted in a way that is attractive and works with the interior space. There are many options for hanging art, but they generally come in two basic types...
  2. Do You Need A Display System For Your First Art Festival?

    When you want to display yourself as an artist, professionalism is one of the most important factors that will come into play. It is also important that you respect the art you create and you respect the people who take the time to view your art. When you want to make a grand impression on your viewers, we encourage you...
  3. How to Hang Your Art Without Ruining It

    Regardless of if you work in an art gallery or an office, hanging your art haphazardly comes across unprofessional and sloppy. You want people to come into your space and know you've got everything under control, but damaged paintings and sub-par hanging materials don't send a positive message. When you hang your art you want the piece to be straight...
  4. Using Art Hanging Systems To Bring Art Into The Workplace

    You have probably been told it is a bad thing to be distracted in the workplace, but are there times when it is not a bad thing? If the source of your distraction at work is photographs or other forms of artwork, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. Many pieces of artwork are used in many workplaces as...

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