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October 2017

  1. Should Your School Be Using Acrylic Pocket Displays

    It happens every year: someone's artwork in on display in the hallway and gets destroyed. It can be accidental, on purpose, or even routine: hallways are high-traffic environments filled with a lot of chaos and lines of children looking for something interesting. While that high visibility is precisely why children enjoy having artwork on display, it also means the artwork...
  2. How to Jazz Up Your Displays with Ceiling Mounted Cable Systems

    Different venues need different styles, and different types of art call for different displays. And ceiling mounted cable systems are the perfect hardware if you're looking for a solid system that provides flexibility, security, and an understated backdrop that keeps the focus on the art. Here's how: Ceiling mounted cable systems don't damage walls. It doesn't matter whether you have...
  3. Use Acrylic Pockets to Display Art and Local News in Your Restaurant

    Acrylic pocket displays aren't just for art galleries. As restaurants work harder and harder to become unique experiences that beat out the competition, having an interesting but strictly identifiable look is critical. Many franchises are accomplishing this by mixing local news and interests into their brand's decorations and style. Here's how to incorporate local news and community feel into a...
  4. Why Are Adjustable Cable Systems the Best Choice for Gallery Hardware?

    Finding the right hardware for your gallery can make or break a display, sometimes quite literally if the hardware isn't equipped for heavy or asymmetrically designed pieces. Instead of traditional displays, consider adjustable systems because: You can readjust the cables easily based on each piece's height. Whether you work at a museum that routinely circulates its displays or at an art...

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