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February 2018

  1. How to Make Displays Draw in New Crowds with the Same Artifacts

    Sometimes it can feel like people like the idea of museums more than they like museums. Funding is increasingly shortened, especially if your museum is publicly funded, but it's still important to keep interest high and each trip as exciting as possible. If you need to have new exhibits but don't have access to new artifacts, change your displays: 1. Plan...
  2. What Are Must-Have Tools to Have on Hand for Making Displays?

    Making a gallery display and hanging art in your home can be very different enterprises, but they share a lot of challenges. Before you get started (and no matter where you are), make sure you have these essential tools. 1. Museum putty A good hanging system fully supports your artwork. But if it's suspended or held by one central point...
  3. Use a Gallery Rail System to Protect Your Walls

    Artwork that can hang from a single central point can adapt to almost any hanging system. Instead, if you're thinking about renovating your gallery or display with new hanging hardware, focus on your most complicated pieces. Basing your changes around the bulkiest, heaviest, and most fragile pieces mean you'll find a system that works for them all. Why does a...
  4. Why You Should Standardize Your Display Hardware Across Your Business Locations

    Art adds personality to any commercial space, no matter what industry you work in. One of the best ways to incorporate art into your office, store, or franchise, is to bring in local art and regional culture, especially if you're growing across the country. Here's how to standardize the process for all of your properties: Use the same hardware to...

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