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February 2016

  1. Picture Rail System: Perfect For Your Home Office

    If you have a home office and want to make your space look even better, then you should consider a picture rail system. With this type of system, hanging art has never been more easy and beautiful for your space. There are several options for you to consider. Slim Line Rail This type of picture rail system is mounted to the...
  2. Five Simple Reasons Gallery Hanging Systems Provide Safety and Security For Your Precious Art

    You don't have to be a gallery owner or a curator to care about collecting art or preserving a collection that means something to you and your family. The world over, people protect and share artifacts among family lines, and bequeath these valuables from generation to generation. Why do we do this? It's not only because we humans love the...
  3. Gallery Hanging Systems Improve Local Galleries

    The Met, the MOMA, the Guggenheim; they are all world renown art museums with the most well-known art and the best curating in the industry. But while museums like this are famous, what are much more common are local art museums. Even small towns most often have art and history museums. And these galleries need professional  gallery hanging systems just as...
  4. Why the Gallery Rod System is a Solid Choice for Your Space

    When it comes to hanging artwork, either in a public or private space, rod systems are by far the strongest and most durable hanging solution, and the gallery rod system is no exception to this rule. Systems like these also offer a wide variety of colors and customizable options, allowing you to fit the system to the space, and change the work...

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