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January 2018

  1. Use Cables as a Feature, Not Just a Fixture

    Art displays systems often fade into the background. Both gallery designers and homeowners often look for suspension systems that are invisible, or as close as possible to invisible, in order to keep the focus on the art. But if you want to accent your art, and you don't want to fall back to ornate, bulky frames, consider a wire hanging...
  2. Border or No Border? How to Display Your Photos

    Many display fashions focus on minimalism instead of ornate design. Not only does this make it easier to incorporate different styles of art without any clash, it also means you don't have to keep large inventories of several different hardware styles; you only need one or two. But even when you go for a classic or minimalistic design, you still...
  3. How to Minimize Wall Damage When Hanging Art

    Whether you're creating a display in a commercial space, installing a central message board in a community center, or planning a photo wall in your home, reducing the number of holes and blemishes is a must. Here are three different ways to plan your system. Tape the frame inserts to the wall to finalize your display. An arrangement you like in...
  4. 5 Tips for Displaying Your Art at Art Shows and Fairs

    Are you planning on attending an art show or fair in order to display your art? It's important to make a good first impression. Here are a few tips to help you out. Check Out the Place Beforehand Before planning what you are going to bring and how you are going to display it, make sure to pay a visit...

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