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May 2015

  1. Use an Aluminum Picture Rail System for Your Workplace

    An ideal workplace is generally one that allows you to be as productive as possible. To accomplish this, you will benefit from low-maintenance furniture and decorations, which keep you from having to dedicate a substantial amount of time and effort into keeping your workplace clean and looking good. For displaying pictures on the wall, you should consider an aluminum picture...
  2. Consider Acrylic Pocket Displays for Your Ever-Changing Restaurant Menu

    Many individuals that plan on going out to eat, but do not have a definite place in mind, often check out restaurant menus online or where they are currently to determine where to eat. While it is possible for people to go into a restaurant and ask to see a menu before making a choice, this step will be occasionally...
  3. Museum Hardware to Protect Collections

    Protecting displayed items in a museum is a crucial part of a museum's responsibilities. There are a number of harmful environmental factors to consider. Specific museum hardware assists in creating a safe surroundings for exhibited items. Below are the most common issues museums face and hardware solutions to solve these problems.   Light Light is one of the most damaging...
  4. An Acrylic Display System Is The Clear Choice

    For many businesses, the need to have reliable and efficient fixtures should not be ignored and overlooked. When you want reliability and durability, the style that is chosen is very important. When galleries, museums, schools, offices, etc. want these qualities, they will choose acrylic as their interior choice. Acrylic is a type of plastic that many businesses use when using glass...

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