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July 2018

  1. What is the Hardware for Signs and Banners That Your Business Needs Today?

    You have worked with a printer to create some amazing signage for your company. It hits all the right notes. The corporate colors portray your brand message. The creative sign design bespeaks your approach to customer care. So, why use common hardware for signs and banners? There is a much better approach.   Acrylic Pocket Displays for Menus and Corporate...
  2. Do Your Home's Lights and Artwork Complement Each Other?

    Turning living rooms into art galleries is becoming more and more popular. Maybe you have a photo wall you want to emphasize. You might have a growing art collection you want visitors to see. No matter what attractive displays you want to showcase on your home's walls, make sure your decorations and your lighting work together. Do you have a...
  3. Benefits of Art Hanging With Picture Rails

    When it's time to decorate, simpler methods of art hanging are now easily accessible to the homeowner. Picture rails allow the homeowner to have more creative control, and much easier access to hanging, adjusting, and removing art. Picture rails also give the homeowner a tool to frame their artistic vision on the wall, quite literally. For more information about art...
  4. Three uses for acrylic pocket displays

    If you have a pile of acrylic pockets stuffed in your office supply closet, it is time to bring them out and put them to good use. Whether you are a teacher, an activities director in an assisted living home, or an office manager, acrylic pocket displays can both enliven the walls of your facility and efficiently display information. Try...

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