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May 2018

  1. How to Hang Your Art Without Damaging Your Walls

    When it comes to saving money, renting an apartment can be extremely helpful to cut costs. But, depending on the situation, it can also restrict from decorating the way you want. That said, renting doesn't have to mean that you can't decorate your walls how you like. The following items should give you some excellent ideas on what you can...
  2. Make Dimensions Part of Your Art Display with a Tension Rod System

    Gallery and museum artwork is traditionally displayed too different ways. They are hung up against the wall or sat on a platform without any wall or ceiling support. Almost all alternatives are a play on these two common setups. A lot of modifications are designed to protect the walls, the artwork, or even the people around the gallery displays. But...
  3. How to Save Your Gallery Walls and Your Deposit

    Gallery walls can take a beating, even if everyone is told to keep their hands to themselves. Everything from high traffic crowds to bulky art displays can start to break down the drywall. If you are using a rented space, make sure you get the deposit back and keep your reputation as a tenant in good condition. Here's how to...
  4. 3 Ways to Use an Invisible Grid for Your Photo Displays

    Creating artistic photo displays on your living or bedroom wall is one of the best ways to fill the blank space of an empty wall. But everything from the number of photos you have, the range of sizes, and even the color content in the photos have a part to play in your final design. Here's how a hanging photo display...

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