Visitors to a museum or art gallery may walk through each area of the museum and notice the installation process is no different from the installation process you use to hang artwork in your home. When you want to add extra appeal to your artwork, photos, and paintings, you may take them to a professional framer or you make take a trip to your nearest craft store. 

After making adjustments to the artwork or frame, you notice that there are wires or hooks attached to the back of the frame. You are excited to be able to take the picture or painting home so you can finally hang it on your wall. You pull out your hammer and nail and hang the frame on the wall. After observing what you have done, you are pleased with the results. 

Professional Installation

However, things are not always as simple as that. When it comes to hanging professional artwork in a professional setting. Attempting to hang professional artwork using wires and hooks will only make it frustrating for professional art handlers. Professional art handlers need a certain type of accuracy. There are times when specific instructions are given as it relates to hanging art pieces.

Once measurements are settled upon, the art handler will need to install the particular frames in the correct spot, and the hanging process will need to be leveled and secure at all times. If you are using picture wire to hold the frame into place, there will not be anything to effectively hold the frame into place. When picture wires are used to hang a frame, frames can easily shift from one place to the next. When frames are not held in place securely, it can be quite frustrating.

Picture Rail Systems

An installation method that many professionals in the art industry prefer is through the use of a picture rail. A picture rail system can be used to make your artwork appear as if it is floating on the wall. The use of a picture rail system can be used in art galleries, exhibits, museums, display cases, and more. 

When you are using picture rails to hang your artwork, the rail will generally be installed at the top of the wall. The wires that are used in the installation method will be hooked into the rail. The wires on the picture rail system will be attached to D-rings. A picture rail system installation method can be an appealing and attractive way to display artwork.

There are various methods you can consider when you want to hang artwork and pictures of any type. Everyone's situation is unique, and the type of artwork and pictures you have will depend on the situation. Each piece of artwork will also have their own needs and specific requirements as it relates to installation.

Getting your artwork into place is part of the journey you will have to take when the time comes for you to hang artwork in a secure manner. If you have struggled to find a hanging system that attractively showcases your art pieces, you are not alone. Many people have gone through their share of poor installation systems and found out the hard way that their installation system was not working the way it should. 

If you believe a picture rail system could provide you with the look you need in your museum, gallery, home, office, etc., we have a picture rail system that can help you achieve the look you need. For more information on picture rail systems and other hardware, please do not hesitate to contact us today.