Have you ever tried hanging a piece of artwork? You may have tried to hang one in your home. Or maybe it was in your office. Some people event try to hang artwork in their bathrooms, balconies, kitchens, hallways etc. Any blank wall in your home or your workplace is a good place to hang art. You just have to find the right piece for each wall. But there are several things that have to be considered before you go ahead and get an art hanging system.

Where Will It Be Appreciated?

You don't want to hang a piece of artwork in a place where it will not be appreciated. A lot of people hang artwork behind their sofas or their beds. But if you're sitting in a sofa facing forward, it makes more sense to have a piece of art in front of you where you or whoever is sitting in your home can appreciate it.

Does It Blend or Clash with the Room?

You need to think about what pieces of art you can put together and whether the artwork you've chosen blends with the room or clashes with it. Sometimes, it can even be possible to hang something in such a way that it blends too well with the room! You don't want the artwork to just disappear into the personality of the room. You also want it to be eye-catching. So it's best to choose an artwork that makes a statement but is also harmonious with its surroundings.

What Is the Style of the Artwork?

Often, people only consider the colors in the work of art and they try to match those colors with the colors of the room. But remember that you also have to take the style of the artwork into consideration. For example, a modern, geometric artwork will blend well with a modern style of interior design while a classical portrait or landscape will be a good addition to a Victorian style of interior design.

Is the Artwork Relaxing or Thought-Provoking?

Remember that certain artworks can have a relaxing effect on the viewer. This is true of a number of Impressionist paintings. Other artworks can be more thought-provoking. This is true of the work of Frida Kahlo. What type of effect do you want the artwork to have on the viewer in that environment? There may be places where thought-provoking and even disturbing works of art are appropriate but, at other times, you may not want to create such an effect in the mind of the viewer.

What Is the Subject of the Artwork?

Different artworks portray different things. When it comes to paintings, there are portraits, landscapes, still lifes, geometric designs, abstract paintings etc. However, there are certain subjects that people choose not to display in very public environments. For example, maybe you possess a very beautiful nude painting. In that case, you may choose to display it in your bedroom rather than in the reception area of your offices.

Getting the Right Art Hanging System

It's also a good idea to choose an art hanging system which sets off the artwork to advantage. Try to get a hanging system which is unobtrusive and doesn't detract from the work of art. If the artwork is heavy, then of course you'll have to get strong cables. But if the artwork is small and light, you can get away with cables which are barely seen. It's also a good idea to get an adjustable art hanging system in case you decide to change your art display at some future date.

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