Hanging artwork requires a delicate balance and a good eye, almost as good as what's needed to create the work of art in the first place. So if you're a gallery owner, you need to put some thought into your gallery hanging system.

You need to think about which work of art is best displayed in which room and how much space is needed around it. You may also want to consider whether you should display artworks by different artists together or separately. Should you combine artworks created from different materials together? How about paintings which are painted with different types of paints?

As you can see, there's a great deal to be considered in terms of artwork arrangement. You can either stop to consider all these things separately or just trust your intuition. No one method is better than the other; it's just that different people work in different ways.

Size of the Artwork/Combining Artworks

You don't want a small work of art to get lost in the space of a large wall, and you don't want to cramp a large work of art by putting it on a small wall. There are times when putting a number of small artworks together on one wall creates a wonderful collage. But at other times, you may find that doing this makes them lose their personality. So there are many things to be considered when you hang your artwork in a gallery.

Yet another thing to keep in mind is the type of frame in which the artwork is framed. Yes, there are many beautiful frames out there, but does it really make sense to choose a frame which overpowers the artwork? Sometimes, a simpler frame might work better to bring out the beauty of a simple work of art. You also need to think about whether the artwork has a more modern or a more classical feel and get a frame to match.

Getting the Right Gallery Hanging System

Different types of artworks require different gallery hanging systems. Larger works will, of course, need stronger cables. But no matter what type of artwork you're hanging, you can find a system which will be unobtrusive and will not detract from the beauty of the work of art. And if used properly, a gallery hanging system can, in fact, add to the beauty of the work.

There are hanging systems which are practically invisible; they just look like threads holding the painting up but they are extremely strong. Plus, many of the hanging systems are adjustable. So if you need to change the exhibit after a few weeks, you'll be able to do so easily.

Trusting Your Intuition When You Hang Artwork

When you're arranging artwork in your gallery, a great deal depends on your eye. If you have a good eye, then you can't really go wrong with your placement. You'll intuitively feel that something is wrong when the artwork is not in its appropriate place. And when you find the right placement, you'll get that "aha!" feeling which accompanies an epiphany. So trust your intuition when you're hanging a work of art.

At the same time, if you're not able to get that "aha!" feeling, there are certain things you can try adjusting. First of all, you can try to make sure that the artwork is at eye level. Or you can try grouping artworks with certain similarities—like color, size or theme—together. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain times when grouping things which are different actually works better than grouping the ones which are similar because it gives the eye more variety.

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