Today, many businesses and organizations have found themselves surrounded by a significant amount of tensions due to the unforgettable COVID-19 pandemic. Museum professionals are one of the many people who are uncertain about the future of their business. With operations at a standstill and doors closed to the public, many are still unsure about when their daily operations will begin again. 

However, there have been initiatives introduced to multiple states that will be able to stabilize institutions likes museums and galleries. The situation will continue to change, and more relief programs will be introduced as time goes on. There will be additional opportunities available. Also, the regulations and guidelines surrounding the current and future initiatives can change over time.

Despite the confusion and burdens caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has an impact on the community as a whole. Systematic Art plans to assist our clients and customers to the best of our abilities. We will also continue to deliver our high-quality standards in this industry. Our Systematic Art team members will remain accessible to our clients when they need us.

We want to assure our clients that our ability to help them will not change. We will continue to monitor the changes related to COVID-19. If new actions are needed by Systematic Art and others in the industry, we will take the necessary measures. The support team at Systematic Art will remain operational and when our clients need us, we will process everything accordingly.

If you are planning to create a remote workflow or if you plan to create an upcoming project for your gallery or museum in the future, please do not hesitate to contact Systematic Art. Our team members are here to provide you with the gallery and museum assistance you may need, even in this time of confusion.