The main purpose of an art gallery is to sell works of art. And in order to do this, you have to make sure that the artworks are displayed as well as possible. For this, you need a gallery hanging system which can be switched around to hang different types of works of art. You need one system that will enable you to create the best possible display for all types of artworks. Here are some tips to display art in a way which is most likely to help you make a sale:

  1. Artist: Hang works by the same or similar artists together. If the styles of two different works of art are totally different, then you know they're not going to look good on the same wall.
  2. Color Scheme: Hang works using the same color scheme close to each other. When you hang works with different color schemes close together, they may clash.
  3. Subject: Hang artworks with similar subjects together. If you are doing a show which features many different artists, you can hang still lifes together, landscapes together etc.
  4. Showstoppers: Give showstoppers their due. When you know that a certain work of art is really good (a gallery owner usually has some intuition about this kind of thing) place it where it will be most visible.
  5. Lighting: Make sure that you have good lighting in your art gallery so that people can see the colors of the artworks properly.
  6. Grouping: If you can't figure out how to hang certain pieces of art together, try placing them on the floor in different groupings until you find one that appeals to you.
  7. Gallery Hanging System: Don't be afraid to get an adjustable gallery hanging system because different works of art need to be hung at different heights.
  8. Background: Make sure that the walls of your gallery are a neutral color so that it's easy to appreciate any work of art set against that background.
  9. Novelty: A work of art does not need to shock and awe in order to draw attention. But it's always good to choose works of art that have a sense of novelty about them e.g. art from different cultures.
  10. Information: It helps to give a little bit of information about each work of art and the artist who painted it because people like to know these things before they buy.

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