You might think that one collection of art requires less space and another requires more. This is because every work of art has a certain aura or a certain "reach." Certain works of art might call to you from the opposite end of the room while others need to be appreciated up front. In general, the greater the reach of the work of art, the more space it requires around it.

So if you run a gallery and are about to replace a work with greater reach with one that has less reach, you'll need an adjustable art system.

What Is the Artwork's "Reach"?

In order to figure out how much space a work of art needs to have around it, you might want to view it from a distance. If the artwork speaks to you from a distance of ten feet or more, then it might be a good idea to leave more space around it. But if you don't need to be more than 2-3 feet away in order to appreciate it, then you can place several of those pieces close to each other.

Greater "Reach" Doesn't Equal Better Art

Keep in mind that the work of art with greater reach is not necessarily better than the work with less reach. The work which you can appreciate from far might be very bright. Or it might have fewer objects in it. The work which requires you to stand up close might be more detail-oriented, such as the works of the Dutch masters.

Paintings by Dutch Masters

These paintings are so realistic that they have even more detail than many photographs. Not only are you able to see an amphora of wine on a shelf above a person's head but you might also be able to see the drawings on that amphora and the carvings on that shelf. As artworks, these are undoubtedly great even though you may not be able to appreciate them fully from far away.

Just keep in mind that every piece of art is different and needs to be hung in a different way. So an adjustable art hanging system is the answer. Contact us for more great tips on hanging different works of art in different ways.