There are many places where you can hang art to brighten up the space. You can hang art in your home and at work. If you have a lobby where clients come in, it's always nice to hang at least one work of art there (or a few, if they are smaller in size). Any building lobby can do with some artwork as well. And, of course, you're going to hang artwork in a gallery or a museum. It's always fun to take an indoor (or outdoor) space and see if there's any possibility of hanging artwork there.

Outdoor Spaces

You often see artwork in public places like town squares. It's usually a large metallic sculpture. But you can also hang paintings in outdoor spaces. For example, you can hang a small painting on your front door. Or you can hang a few paintings surrounding your front door. If you have a porch, you can hang some paintings there.

If you run a gallery or museum, think about whether you have any outdoor spaces such as these which you can utilize because it will give you more space to hang paintings. Plus, it's also slightly unusual to see art outdoors. So there is an element of novelty in it too.

Indoor Spaces

Everyone hangs art in their living room, dining room and bedroom. But you can also hang art in your kitchen. Take some fun, colorful paintings and put them up where you can see them while cooking. Hang some art in your bathroom so that you can enjoy it while showering or bathing.

Hang some art in the space above your staircase. You can even make this like a little gallery which people can enjoy while going up and coming down the stairs. Little nooks and crannies, such as the entrance lobby, can also be good places to hang artwork.

Think of all the walls in your house as a backdrop which can be conveniently used to hang something that makes you feel upbeat, thoughtful or creative.

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