Whether you're displaying fine art or corporate promotions, visual displays are one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. However, if your display looks bad, you can risk alienating your customer base forever. Read on to discover the three biggest pitfalls when creating displays of art, signage, and more. 

Uneven Spacing

One of the most common mistakes made with visual displays is uneven spacing. Whether you have pieces hung crooked, with inconsistent spacing, or at various heights, displays with uneven spacing look amateur and just plain bad. This is a common mistake, however, because it's difficult to achieve perfect spacing when creating visual displays. One of the easiest solutions to this problem is an acrylic pocket display system. These systems can be implemented flexibly to meet your needs, whether you are posting art, menus, real estate listings, and more.

Wavy Banners

Leave the waving to your staff, not your banners! Using grommets or some other rudimentary method to hang your banner from the two top corners will leave your banner flapping with even the slightest movement of air. You need to secure your banners in a secure way that looks sleek and professional, like this banner hanging set.

Poor Placement

Often, pieces that could visually wow your customers are relegated to the perimeter or corners where they are most easily installed. However, this is a big mistake. With a simple, creative solution like a fixed tension cable kit, you can put your biggest pieces front and center. These systems are also incredibly flexible, giving you a personalized look for your unique display needs.

Avoiding these common mistakes can give you an advantage with your customers. When the quality of your visual display matches the quality of your product, customers notice. For more resources and ideas for utilizing display systems to gain your competitive advantage, contact us at Systematic Art.