When you're looking for an art display system, your considerations are twofold: you want the display to be aesthetically appealing as well as practical. You want to have your painting displayed in the best way possible, with nothing to distract the viewer from enjoying it. Plus, the method you use to display your artwork should be a strong, steady one which can take the weight of the artwork. A cable display system can give you what you're looking for, no matter what type of artwork you're looking to hang.

Advantages of a Cable Display System

A cable system is unobtrusive because you'll hardly be able to see the steel/nylon cables. Plus, there are a variety of cables, some lighter and some more heavy duty, depending on how big the artwork is. And this method can be used anywhere you like with the help of a number of hooks and clamps. So it's a good method for hanging various different types of artworks.

Different Ways of Using a Cable Display System

For a smaller painting, you can go with a lighter cable and a smaller hook. If you're hanging a few paintings in a vertical row, you can go with a longer, slightly heavier cable. And if you're hanging something heavy, then use a heavy duty cable with a strong hook/clamp to make sure your artwork stays in place.

Clean Lines of a Cable Display System

The advantage of a cable display system also lies in the fact that it gives you very clean lines to hang your artwork. When you use a cable system as part of your display, the result is aesthetically appealing and the focus stays on your artwork; it's not diverted to the art display system.

Hanging Different Types of Artwork with Cables

So whether you are displaying a traditional scene such as a landscape or a portrait done in oils or you've chosen something impressionistic for your display, a cable display system can work for you. If you're going for a piece of modern art which presents a geometric visual, the cable display system will, in fact, be a good counterpart to it because of its own clean vertical lines.

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