When you're trying to display art, it's critically important that you protect that art at all costs, since this should be your primary concern apart from making it visible to others. In fact, it's likely going to be your most important concern given the value of some of the art you'll be displaying. Here are some options for making sure art stays safe while you're hanging it up.

Ceiling-Mounted Cable Solution

This system is easy to use for galleries or museums. It has the Easy System Builder that lets you create, buy, and set up a commercial-grade picture hanging system very quickly. Plus, most important of all, the system will protect your art, making it so that it doesn't put any undue stress on the pieces so that everything can be put up and brought down again, all damage-free.

Rod Solution

Instead of hanging from ceiling cables, you can instead use rods that are also ceiling mounted. You can choose here between colors for the picture rail, colors for the hanging rods, and the exact length and style of rod that you want. This way it will mesh well with whatever art you're going to put up. Obviously, rods are going to work better for certain types of art hangings over others.

Sky Picture Rail

These items are needed in systems like the Cable Solution. They mount on the ceiling, and they work well to safely display art that you want to hang in galleries and museums in any kind of room, with any kind of ceiling. They will work regardless of whether the ceiling is made of steel, wood, concrete or just about anything else. The rails make it so that no damage is done to the paintings themselves or to any part of the ceiling or wall structures in the room.

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