If you work in one of the United States' numerous house museum you may be looking for new ways to hang decorative pieces or to create an exhibit within a period room. Whether or not your museum has picture rails, Systematic Art has hanging systems that will work for your space.

Houses built between about 1840 and 1940 often included wooden picture rails as part of their moulding, providing a customizable way to hang paintings, photographs, and mirrors. The lipped picture rail accommodates a moulding hook, which supports the wire suspending the hung object. Continuing the use of this original feature of the house helps preserve the home's walls, often plastered or wallpapered, which are a part of the museum's collection. Both practical and decorative, no nails or screws are needed and studs do not need to be located. Using a modular system, items that are hung can easily be moved left, right, up, and down, and the number of items can quickly and easily be altered as well.

Have Picture Rails?

For house museums that do have picture rails, we offer moulding hooks to slip over the picture rails. The stainless steel loop-end cable hangs from the moulding hook and is available in lengths from 48 inches to 240 inches. A variety of cable hooks are available to hang the objects. The cables are rated for weights up to 40 pounds.

Don't Have Picture Rails?

For house museums that do not have picture rails as part of their historic structures, Systematic Art offers six styles of aluminum picture rail (or track) options that can be installed along the top of the walls or on the ceiling. Each has available cables or rods and hooks. While these systems are mounted to the museum's walls or ceilings, once installed, they offer continuing flexibility. The systems are rated for weight capacities from 65 pounds to 250 pounds.

To learn more about how our products can help you with your next exhibit, please do not hesitate to contact us today.