Open offices and coworking spaces are the new trends, and there's no sign of offices turning back to bulky cubicles any time soon. Property owners benefit because minimalism is easy to maintain, and business owners often appreciate the ability to customize the space and fit more employees onto a floor with a smaller square footage. But sometimes that large open room filled with tens of employees can be daunting or overwhelming. Finding ways to break up the space — even without permanent fixtures and walls — can make the employees happier and more productive.

Subdivide the general space with grid "walls" of hanging art.

As modern as contemporary office spaces might be, they still have a "fishbowl" effect that many employees don't like. The feeling of being watched can be even worse when it seems like everyone can watch everyone else. Break up the space with hanging art hardware. These cables can run from the floor to the ceiling and hold a grid of artwork that separates departments or even just breaks the space in half.

Make clear offices a little more opaque with hanging art.

Even minimalist offices need to have smaller, relatively sound-proofed offices inside. Clear glass walls can make these tiny cubbies feel less claustrophobic, but that can also make people feel like they're on display when they're inside. Hang artwork or stained glass panels to create a curtained effect without losing the chic look.

Improve security around the front lobby.

Just like smaller, private offices, the glass walls around the front lobby of your office might be letting too many prying eyes in. That can be bad news if unverified visitors catch a glance of something confidential. Separate the lobby and the main office with hanging art that blocks casual sight without making the receptionist feel cut off from the rest of the team.

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