We all know that, for the true art-lover, the card of information next to the art piece is every bit as important as the art itself. It provides context for the work, and it can inform us about how we might create art ourselves. Fortunately, there are excellent card holders that will hold the signage necessary to appease the art-lover. Here are three reasons acrylic card holders belong on your displays.

Double-Sided Tape Preserves Walls

    Card holders have to be attached to something in order to do their job, but anyone who has had to change displays more than once can tell you that this leaves the unsightly holes if you have to screw them in. Fortunately, acrylic card holders come with double-sided tape. You can tape them on any non-porous surface in whatever orientation works for you. 

    Double-sided tape also spares you from worrying about screwing your card into a load bearing beam, or that your sheetrock wall will crumble away from your signage. Every wall has a weak spot and places that have been patched over a few too many times, and light acrylic card holders applied with double-sided tape are gentle on these areas.

The Right Size To Convey The Message

    The cards come in 6"x4" and 4"x2", which allows you enough room to print everything truly relevant without taking over the wall. You won't have to use size 8 font to squeeze in everything that you need to know, nor will you be forced to skip crucial details about the artist's technique.

Easy To Change Signs

    Museums change exhibits regularly, and even offices have to switch out information occasionally. It's all about keeping it fresh and interesting for the people who come in often. However, changing the signs to go with it can be a pain. You can easily slide it into place if you are using a gallery rail system or similar art hanging system, but the sign with the artist's bio must be adjusted to the new position so everyone can intuit which art piece goes with which bio. Plus, you will likely have to write up the information yourself and make sure that you have a succinct description without errors. That's a lot of work, and having a holder on hand that you can simply slip your new card into when you are done makes your life easier. 

    Systematic Art understands that your signage for your art is as important as your displays. If you would like to see more signage solutions for your displays, contact us.