When it's time to decorate, simpler methods of art hanging are now easily accessible to the homeowner. Picture rails allow the homeowner to have more creative control, and much easier access to hanging, adjusting, and removing art. Picture rails also give the homeowner a tool to frame their artistic vision on the wall, quite literally. For more information about art hanging, contact us today!

What are picture rails?

Picture rails are a thin piece of molding that runs along the wall parallel to the ceiling. The rail is slender and not cumbersome to the room. The homeowner can choose a different style of rail to his or her own artistic choice; the two mounting options of the picture rail are a ceiling mount and a wall mount. Hang your art from the rails via sleek wires or artsy ropes; picture rails don't get in the way, and they're aesthetically pleasing to your house guests.

The main benefits of picture rails are that they are:

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Look Professional
  3. Don't Leave Damage

These three benefits make picture rails the easiest to use, and the best looking!

To install a picture rail all you need is to screw the attachments to the wall, then clip on the picture rail that has been cut to the appropriate length you desire. The method of the picture rail leaves less damage to your walls when compared to a hammer and nails - and it allows you to hang multiple pieces of art!

Your wall will look more professional with the unique design art hanging, and it will allow you to get the perfect framing and alignment that you need. It beats the trial and error process that could cause costly damage to your wall.

The best benefit of picture rails is the ability to change your art whenever you want, giving you much more control over the design of your home. The freedom of picture rails makes interior design fun and rewarding!