If you have a pile of acrylic pockets stuffed in your office supply closet, it is time to bring them out and put them to good use. Whether you are a teacher, an activities director in an assisted living home, or an office manager, acrylic pocket displays can both enliven the walls of your facility and efficiently display information. Try one of the following suggestions to get the most out of these versatile holders.

1. Inexpensive Artwork Displays

Teachers love watching kids blossom during an art or photography class and showing their work is a great way to encourage them. These classes often result in many different artworks of a uniform size. An acrylic pocket display easily turns a blank wall or hall into a student art exhibit.

It is quick and easy to insert the artwork into the pockets and simply tape them to a wall. Or, you can make a clothesline from colorful string and hang the acrylic pockets with brightly hued plastic clothespins. After the exhibit is over, the durable acrylic pocket preserves the artwork until the young artist is ready to present it to a loved one.

2. Protect Frequently Handled Documents

Menus, training materials, procedures, and other frequently handled documents get the information across better if they stay readable as they pass from hand to hand. An acrylic pocket display can help make important information accessible and visible. Use a cable suspension system with clips to display the documents on a wall, encouraging people to read and return the items. Or, store multiple copies of the document in the pocket itself so it is easy for people to take one.

3. Make information more visible and accessible

An acrylic pocket display can help you provide efficient and inexpensive signage during a temporary event, such as a hiring fair. Place your maps, directional signs and other orientation material in the acrylic pockets and hang as needed. This inexpensive approach ensures that you can hang as many signs as you want, allowing your clients or employees to get easily to the correct spot. The streamlined frameless look ensures that there is less clutter than with other display methods.

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