When it comes to saving money, renting an apartment can be extremely helpful to cut costs. But, depending on the situation, it can also restrict from decorating the way you want. That said, renting doesn't have to mean that you can't decorate your walls how you like. The following items should give you some excellent ideas on what you can use to hang things on your walls. These options should help you decorate more easily without having to worry about leaving massive gaping holes in your walls and get charged massive fees for damage to the apartment.

3M Hooks

These hooks are sold by a variety of different companies, including 3M. They have an adhesive tape on their back that can be used to stick them to the wall which also allows them to be easily removed from wherever they are placed without risk of damage to the walls. These hooks are typically designed to at least a couple of pounds.

Some versions of these hooks are specially designed to hold art or photographs, but the standard hooks are also able to hold art that is on canvases.


This is not necessarily the best or the most viable method to display art on your walls, but it can work. If you aren't interested in an especially fancy display then tape may be your best bet since it is cheap and works without any need for fancy installation practices. Tape can be an especially helpful means of displaying art if you plan to display a lot of it since tape is very inexpensive, unlike hooks or velcro which can be somewhat pricey depending on how many you need.


Velcro is an excellent solution for hanging artwork when you expect to have to put up and take down your art for all the time. If you decide to go for this method, be sure and choose the kind with the strongest adhesive backing you can possibly find and follow the installation directions to the letter in order to prevent your art from falling off while hanging on the wall.


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