The hospitality industry is transforming to give each visitor a customized and more localized experience. Independent hotels get the best mileage out of decor and style that represents the local attractions, and even major chain hotels have found more success in adopting local styles than maintaining a strictly national standardization. No matter what type of hotel you have, here are three ways to introduce more local style.

  1. Hang local pieces of artwork in the hotel rooms. Hanging art is a standard step in the procedure of styling new hotel rooms. But instead of using standard reproductions or landscapes, opt instead for work by local artists. They won't come in standard sizes, but they'll add unique appeal and history to each of the rooms. Use modular or adjustable hardware so even changing the artwork out doesn't necessitate extra work.
  2. Create displays in your lobby. The lobby is the first place visitors and guests will see. Whether you hang art from the walls or want to have a suspended display in the middle of the room, create a unique attraction that highlights a vital aspect of the tourist trade in your area. 
  3. Choose a color and hardware palette that matches your town. Different regions of the country have adopted different color palettes. Whether you have blue and white walls on the coast or browns and oranges through the southwest, colors help sell hotel rooms. Hardware does the same thing, whether your hotel will be styled in wood, steel, and bronze. 

Every piece of your hotel should match and enhance your locality. Go to Systematic Art to find the hardware to do it.