Damage-free art hanging isn't just about protecting the pieces of artwork themselves. With the right equipment, you can also display your art without damaging the walls behind them. Whether you're hanging a display in a rented space and you don't want to risk your deposit or you're a homeowner with textured walls or wallpaper, here are a few options you have for damage-free hanging hardware:

  • Rod systems connect to the ceiling instead of the wall. Many commercial spaces have ceiling tiles that are laid in place and are uniquely suited for holding displays securely. With a rod system, you can use vertical supports that descend from structural supports in the ceiling. Not only does this leave the wall blemish-free, it is a modern, classy look that can pull your whole display together without pulling attention away from the art.
  • Use a cable system to create a floating art display. Many new developments in art hardware are based on the idea of a track system: with a single rail running along the intersection between the ceiling and the wall (or above, in some commercial spaces and schools), you can have your pick of display systems. With cables, for example, you can adjust the height and placement of any piece of art along the width of the rail. Cables are heavy-duty and can handle heavy displays, and you can choose the right color to either blend the cables into the wall or make a statement.

Hanging art doesn't have to mean nailing hardware into the walls. Go to Systematic Art here to find even more choices for a personalized art display that keeps your surroundingsĀ in mind.