Churches are where a lot of people get local information, see community highlights, and share news. Finding the right tools to display this constantly changing array of notices, play and performance information, and local calendars is critical for increasing community awareness and involvement. Here's how a click track displays system can help you do that:

  • Click track systems are modular, so you can resize them based on available wall space. No matter the size of your community message board, or if you need to make adjustments for a seasonal display, a click track can easily fit the dimensions you have available. It can also be reduced or added to in just a few minutes, and because the materials are lighter than display cases, anyone can manage the change safely.
  • Click track displays allow for easy, frequent changes without anything getting covered. One of the main disadvantages of enclosed message board is that overcrowding can lead to partially obscured information; it's also hard to remove an expired notice without disrupting the nearby notices and community art. But a click track keeps all of the individual components neatly arrayed, and it's easy to both rearrange pieces and remove individual notes.
  • Click tracks are unobtrusive. Because click tracks are a very minimalist display, they don't detract from the overall decor of the church or the individual pieces of art and information. These hanging systems are popular because they can fit into any setting and for any purpose, whether you need a display that is purely informational or you need a display for art and seasonal decorations.

Having quality hanging hardware that you can modify, resize, and use for any display is critical for community centers like churches. Go to Systematic Art to find the supplies that fits your front hall.