Damage free art display should be as simple as selecting the right tools for your specific pieces of art instead of making your own solutions through an accumulation of miscellaneous hardware. At Systematic Art, you can find precisely what you're looking for, no matter the size or make-up of your art. Here are three factors to keep in mind:

  • Find supports that you know can handle the weight. Heavy artwork might feel like a risky investment, especially the first time buy handle something either large or weighty. But the right equipment should keep it just as safe as lightweight watercolors. Verify the weight of both the piece itself and the frame, as well as the hardware, before choosing which equipment you will use. Make sure the total is a healthy margin away from the edge of any hardware's range: additional weight during the installation and hanging process is to be expected.
  • Choose unobtrusive materials that protect it from the elements. Air has moisture no matter how well you ventilate and dehumidify a display area, and that moisture can damage paper over time. Find the right protective framing that keeps both the front and the back of the piece dry.  But it's not just equipment that matters when it comes to moisture; keeping fragile pieces of art away from bathrooms and kitchens is also a key part of keeping them in good condition.
  • Take advantage of new UV technology. Just like with sunglasses, art hardware is getting better and better at blocking the rays of the sun without causing a tint or discoloration. If your art is on display near a window, the colors might be fading fast. Find the right tools to protect the surface from light, as well as a frame that can support it in case the piece starts to become brittle from pre-existing damage.

Hanging your artwork is about more than just displaying the pieces; it's also about protecting your collection from damage and stress. Go to Systematic Art to find the best hardware to hang your art.