You recently moved into a different office space and you have worked extremely hard to restore everything that you can. You have chosen the right materials, the right colors, and the right fixtures, and you are pleased with the way it looks. You have put in hours of hard work, and you have more work that needs to be done.

Since you have done all of this hard work getting the office to look the way it does now, you are probably not too thrilled with the possibility of putting holes in your walls.

However, you probably have plans to add some artwork and signs to your office to give it the look you dreamed of when you decided to open an office. How can you hang various pieces of artwork and signs without drilling holes in the wall? 

Well, there is something amazing that you can use. You may even become fascinated with these once you start using them. What are they? Acrylic pocket displays. With acrylic pocket displays, you will be able to hang incredible pieces of artwork with no trouble at all. 

These are not the only systems you can use; there is a variety picture hanging systems that you can use with no need for holes. In addition to not needing to use holes to hang these displays, here are some more reasons why you should use these displays:

  • they are affordable
  • they are appealing
  • they are safe to hang
  • they will add a unique touch to your office

Regardless of what artwork you are planning to hang in your office, contact us at Systematic Art for all of your needs.