You don't have to be a gallery owner or a curator to care about collecting art or preserving a collection that means something to you and your family. The world over, people protect and share artifacts among family lines, and bequeath these valuables from generation to generation. Why do we do this? It's not only because we humans love the representation of our creativity encapsulated in worldly possessions, but also because they are things of value. These artifacts, whether paintings, prints, photographs, or three-dimensional objects, can attain important monetary, and surely, sentimental values; and it behooves us to project such important collectibles. 

You do not have to have a professional gallery hanging system at home, but when they are so affordable, and easy to install, why wouldn't you make the sensible investment. Here's five simple reasons you want to give your art valuables the professional treatment they deserve. 

  • Hanging art works with picture rails and museum-quality rod hooks systems are simple to install and provide the art with security in suspension. They systems not only stabilize your are, using a self locking hook that will maintain the place of your painting; it also provides plenty of support (54 lbs. per rod), adding to your piece of mind. Gone are the swaying and precarious ways-of-old, of hanging art. 
  • Insurance companies like professional hanging systems. Let's say, you do own an impressive art collection and it needs insurance. Well, by taking the professional hanging route, are ensuring that you are doing right by your art, and hanging it in the most secure way possible to prevent accidents. 
  • Hanging systems that use cables protect your walls, which in turn preserves the value of your home and saves you from expensive paint jobs and wall repair expenses. Once the picture rails are installed, the cables and art can be changed, moved around, and customized to your liking without causing any damage to your walls. 
  • With such a variety of museum hardware products, you will find the price and right pats for your needs. For instance, the self-gripping picture hook, is the most secure way of hanging artwork when using a cable of tension system. Ideal for high-traffic areas, or homes with youthful activity, these hooks will ensure that your art does not detach from its hanging place. This is also a security measure that can thwart anyone with art theft in mind. 
  • These professional art hanging systems are durable and built for a lifetime. Items such as the Click-Track Rail, are crafted of aluminum and can be deinstalled and installed in new locations. Hooks are made of Silver Satin Anodized metal compounds that do not rust and or whither. Cable products, such as the Cobra Cable are made of stainless steel, with fused cable ends, that will provide your art work security and support for decades without fail. 

Contact us for a detailed picture of which hanging systems are right for your home or office. A sensible minimal investment can protect your precious artifacts in the present and for the next generation.