The Met, the MOMA, the Guggenheim; they are all world renown art museums with the most well-known art and the best curating in the industry. But while museums like this are famous, what are much more common are local art museums. Even small towns most often have art and history museums. And these galleries need professional  gallery hanging systems just as much as the world-famous galleries do. The right gallery hanging systems give local galleries more credibility and professionalism.

Systematic Art creates picture hanging systems that will perfectly elevate your local art gallery or museum. There are many different kinds to choose from to achieve whatever look you are trying to create with your exhibit. 

A hanging rod is a classic method for art galleries around the world. It is a clean, contemporary way of hanging art by a rod, offered in aluminum or stainless steel from a ceiling or wall mount. They are versatile, so they can work with the systems you have in place in your local gallery already.

For hanging a number of works in a row, you may want to consider a tension system. Tension systems allow for multiple works to be hung from one fixed cable that is mounted above and below the art. The tension system adds a very modern feel to your gallery.

Cable systems are a way to hang your art that let the art speak for itself, as they are nearly invisible. Install a rail on the wall or ceiling, and then uses hooks with clear or stainless cables to connect the art to the rail. 

Whatever look you want to take your local gallery to the next level, and give it that international gallery feel, contact us at Systematic Art. We have the gallery hanging system that is right for you.