When it comes to hanging artwork, either in a public or private space, rod systems are by far the strongest and most durable hanging solution, and the gallery rod system is no exception to this rule. Systems like these also offer a wide variety of colors and customizable options, allowing you to fit the system to the space, and change the work displayed with ease.

While you'll most commonly see these systems in art galleries and museums, you may want to have them installed in offices or use them at home as well. Whatever the desired space, choosing a rod system for it is a fairly simple process. You'll want to decide on either a ceiling or a wall-mounted rail, figure out what accessories are needed, and ensure that the entire system either stands out or blends in as necessary. Finishings are available in white, black, neutral, or silver, to compliment or disappear into any space.

A wall-mounted gallery rail is rated to withstand up to 175 lbs or 79 kg as long as it's properly installed and is a great option for any rod system. A variety of hooks help make hanging even large, heavy projects simple. Accessories such as anti-theft brackets, anti-theft hooks, and picture stabilizers help to ensure that the work is displayed securely and kept safe, no matter how public the space it's displayed in may be.

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