The decisions involved in hanging art is not lost on interior designers. The display of photography, paintings, and other media in clients' homes requires a thoughtful eye. Art hanging systems offer various advantages compared to other less manageable solutions. Here are some ways these systems work well with interior design strategies:

Create a clean art hanging system

Tension, cable, or rod systems hold expensive artwork steady so that designers don't have to hassle with unplanned holes in the wall. Used by galleries and restaurants, art hanging systems make personal art collections shine in living spaces.

Add structure

Art hanging systems provide structure and organization to the overall look of a gallery in someone's home. Beautiful home aesthetics are often achieved through symmetry and geometry. With an art hanging system in place, it's  also easier for designers or homeowners to decide when to change a piece of artwork for something new. 

Offer a high level of professionalism

When hired for an interior design project for someone's home, it's highly desirable to create a look that is distinctive and elevated. Art hanging systems convey a quality and respect for the fine arts. They look equally distinguished in traditional or antique-themed homes as they do in modern environments. It's worthwhile to browse options for lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight art hanging solutions. For extra security, it's also possible to buy anti-theft art hanging options. Browse our selection of anti-theft hooks and brackets for the latest ways to keep artwork safe.

Art hanging systems create a seamless, elegant way to display art in client homes. In addition to benefiting clients, these systems could help an interior design portfolio stand out from the rest. To learn more about art hanging solutions for home gyms, offices or living spaces, contact us