If you are looking for hardware for signs and banners for your next sale or campaign, there are some things you need to know. If you plan to install banners or signs on a light pole, one of your biggest challenges is probably finding the right company to purchase the sign and banner hardware from.

Your next big challenge is probably finding out how to install the banner correctly. For many companies, they choose to purchase from a company solely based on the price of the hardware. Many companies also select a piece of hardware simply because it looks like it will fit or it looks like it will work. They fail to make their determination based on the quality, durability, or the way it is made.

Unfortunately, this can turn into a huge mistake that can cost you a great deal of money. At Systematic Art, we understand that choosing the hardware for your sign or banner is a huge decision in this process. You should not think that only because you plan to use the sign or banner for only a short period of time that the hardware you choose does not matter. 

There are plenty of factors that need to be considered, including weather. If you have the wrong hardware, a gust of wind could quickly tear your sign or banner apart. You also have to think about the people who will walk near or under your sign. You want to have the right hardware so you will not have to worry about the installation coming apart and falling on the ground or on top of an innocent bystander. 

If you have not had any luck finding the right hardware for your signs and banners, give us a try at Systematic Art. Contact us today.