If your business has a lobby, you want to make sure it is an impressive space because it will determine the first impression that people get on your business. For instance, you should have a high-quality lobby sign, sufficient natural light, attractive features, and professional photos on the walls.

While you have a number of options for mounting photos, you should use a cable hanging system as this will provide your business with the quality it needs to make an excellent impression.

Strategical Picture Choices

With a hanging system, you gain a great deal of freedom in regard to picture choices. It is possible to get mounting that can handle heavy art pieces, which is helpful to avoid any major restrictions. To get the best response from those that come into your lobby, you want to think strategically about the pictures.

If you want to make people feel inspired, hopeful, or another emotion, you should use a cable hanging system to mount pictures on the wall that will help to convey the desired emotions or moods.

Child-Safe Mounting

When you hang art on the wall with picture nails, you cannot feel too comfortable with the mounting. While they might not be an issue for use within a residential property, you want to make sure that they cannot be tampered with by children and fall down, which could lead to an injury.


A proper mounting system is not only safer and more effective than other methods, but the fact that it looks better is an enormous benefit as it demonstrates professionalism for your business.

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