When it comes to the benefits of picture hanging systems, we can come up with five rather quickly. It's pretty easy, in fact.

Damage-free Hanging

Our picture hanging systems are installed once. That means no new holes in your walls when you need to replace art. The display systems only require a few holes which are fitted with anchors. Simply screw the picture rail into the anchors.

Change Art Easily

If you have a large art collection, changing artwork can be time-consuming. With picture hanging systems, there's no re-measuring or eyeballing where the art should be and various tools involved. You just take one picture down and put another up. It's that easy to use. 

Easily Installed

Only three tools are needed to install our art hanging systems: a drill, a drill bit, and a screwdriver. Installation is a three-step progression of drilling the holes for the display system, inserting the anchors, and screwing the rail in. The entire process usually takes about 20 minutes. 


There are two types of art hanging systems one is wall mounted and the other is ceiling mounted. These are used for in-home art and in business establishments.  A variety of colors are available to suit any design.  


If you are in a situation where the walls are made of brick, stone, concrete, or something that can't be nailed into, picture hanging systems are the answer. As mentioned before, we offer a ceiling mounted rail. 

Be sure to follow our blog for helpful information. The eight best tips for adjustable art systems you'll read this year explains the step by step process in choosing and installing a picture rail system. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.